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Light Beings

"It is about you, it is about humanity, it is about the freedom that
you lost long ago, but still exists…"

Welcome aboard

Greetings, and welcome to what might soon become the questioning and awakening of your own existence. We would like to welcome you to a collective of light beings, calling themselves Atia.


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Atia would like to invite us on an ongoing dialog to share their perspective on humanity's place in the universe. They would like to tell us how we can reclaim the divine heritage that was taken away from us through deceit a long time ago. In Volume 1, you will find out more about Atia, but more importantly, about yourself.


An Experiment in Channeling Consciousness

Join us on our Journey to Self-Rediscovery


Élora Santini

I am said to be a mystical, brilliant and talented psychic, channel, and healer.

Ever since my childhood in my native France, I have been uncovering and experiencing psychic activity with all its mysteries and mystical sides.

I have been able to heal individuals from otherwise unexplained illnesses since the young age of 18, and have now been working as a healer for twenty-six years.

Never using plants or any other kinds of medicine, I heal simply by the laying on of hands.

I attend to the needs of young and old alike, often visiting children in hospital or the elderly in retirement homes.

I combine my healing sessions with the study of past lives through Karmic Astrology. I use the skills developed here in my healing, as well as in psychic reading sessions.

I am of course best known as being the channel through whom Atia (a group of Light Beings from the Aries constellation) have chosen to communicate their messages to humanity.

I plans to recount this experience in a series of three books, the first of which, called Atia Light Beings “The Freedom to Exist” Volume 1, is already available in paperback and Epub version in both English and French editions.

Atia are a group of Light Beings who have come to Earth in an effort to help Humanity regain the Divine Heritage that it has lost through a series of unfortunate and forgotten events in the distant past.
Sharing their knowledge of the universe and of spirituality, they aim to demonstrate to humanity our own truth, origins, and power, and ultimately to help us “FREE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS”.

Volume 2 & Volume 3 on their way...


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